Museum Apparatus

Oregon Fire Service Museum’s Collection includes a wide range of fire service artifacts, from hydrants and helmets to vintage turnout gear and uniforms, fire extinguishers, first aid and rescue equipment, photographs, fire alarm systems, memorabilia and more. The Apparatus Collection includes the c. 1820 Abbot & Downing hand pumper Molly Stark, various hand-drawn hose and chemical carts from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and the following motorized apparatus

1902 American LaFrance Steamer, 1916 tractor – former Portland FD

This piece was owned by the late Al Foligo and his son Gary Foligo. It is currently on display at the fire museum. It drives but the steam pumper needs attention. As of this update (3/2024), it was determined that there are leaks in the tubes in the boiler. We are applying for a grant with the hopes of being able to pay for the repairs.

1914 American LaFrance Pumper – former Salem FD

OFSM was given this unit in about 1993. This is Salem’s first motorized pumper delivered in May, 1913. The truck is torn down and running condition is unknown. We recently moved this from storage to our museum to begin restoration.

1922 Ford Model TT hose wagon – former Junction City FD

This truck was donated to OFSM in February of 2018 by the Junction City RFPD. It was used to pull their steam fire engine and carry hose. A family in town owned it for several years and was donated back to Junction City FD a few years before given to us. It is currently on display at the fire museum.

1953 FWD pumper, former McMinnville FD

This FWD pumper originally served the McMinnville FD. It was then purchased and restored by Elmer Parker. It was then donated to This water tender originally served Portland FD. After being retired it was purchased by the Terry Dovery. It was donated to the museum in about 2018.

1954 Diamond T/Roney Pumper

Manufactured in Portland, this pumper originally served the Long Beach, Washington Fire Department. It was then purchased by the late Bruce Roney. It was donated in 2017 to OFSM
by the Roney family. The windshield needs replaced, and a rear wheel is locked up.

1951 FWD/WENTWORTH & IRWIN ex Portland FD 1500 gallon water tender

This water tender originally served the McMinnville FD. After being retired if was purchased and restored by the late Terry Dovery. It was donated to OFSM in about 2018.

1929 Ford Model AA fire truck

Donated to OFSM in January 2018. Original to the Dallas Oregon Fire Dept. It went through several owners and was donated to OFSM by the Canby Fire Dept. It was classed a “service truck” by Dallas. It has a 125 gallon water tank and a 75 gpm PTO rotary gear pump.

1930 Ford Model AA water tender

Donated to OFSM in 2019 from Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF). This truck was restored in 2007 and set up to look like an early water tender.