Fire Apparatus for Sale

Over the last several years, our museum has sold various fire apparatuses to raise funds for our building project. 

Currently For Sale: 1969 Ford C Series Pumper

1969 Ford C series firetruck. Retired from Canby FD and Lyons RFD. Starts, runs, drives, and pumps. Paint is faded and some interior bits could be improved. Tires are old but do hold air. 534ci gas engine. 1000gpm pump that is tested and it works. New carburetor, new clutch slave cylinder, and some plumbing has been redone. Price is $3500 OBO.

Currently For Sale: Emergency! Engine 51 and Squad 51 “Replicas*”

*Note: the previous owner made various customizations that do not make these exact replicas of the vehicles that were used in the NBC show in the 1970s

The Oregon Fire Service Museum is pleased to offer this 1972 Ward LaFrance Ambassador and 1990 Dodge D350 for sale to fund the next phase of construction at our new facility. These vehicles were built by the late Mike Going of Albany, Oregon, in the late 90s and early 2000s. They were very well taken care of and were driven to various car shows in the Oregon area to raise awareness for burn victims. In the late 2010s, they were stored indoors for several years but were started once per month to ensure they were always in running condition. Watch the video below to learn more about these amazing rigs!

1972 Ward LaFrance “Engine 51”:

This Ward LaFrance served in LA County into the 1990s. It features an 8.4 liter Cummins turbodiesel and an Allison HT470 transmission.

Pros: The engine makes great power, the transmission shifts well, and the brakes are solid. The air horn, siren, lights, and more all work. Recent work done to the cooling system to fix leaks. Had a very expensive paint job around 15 years ago. 

Cons: There is a noticeable transmission leak that does not impact the performance of shifting. All the fluids and other tune-up items should be replaced. Pump was last run 20+ years ago and had a small leak then – current condition is not known. Siren brake and speedometer do not work. 

Summary: Mike Going made some personalizations that are not exact to what was seen on the show Emergency! but did take excellent care of this. Addressing the transmission leak may take some expertise but the other maintenance items should be very straight forward!

1990 Dodge D350 “Squad 51”:

This truck originally was owned by Lane County Roads Department and was converted into the Squad 51 in the late 2000s by a company here in Oregon. The D350 commercial chassis features a carbureted 318 V8 engine, and automatic transmission.

Pros: It runs smoothly after warming up and has working lights, radios, sirens, and more. The transmission shifts very smoothly and the engine is strong. The exterior compartments have functional, locks and overall the paint looks very good. We have records of recent work to the front suspension and brakes. The radiator was recently replaced due to a leak that we found. 

Cons: we believe the automatic choke is disconnected because it sometimes takes a bit to start when it’s cold. The air conditioning and air pumps are bypassed, so the service engine light is on. The tires are also very old and should be replaced immediately. The speedometer does not work.

Summary: Even though this was never a fire apparatus, it’s all gets a lot of looks and has a lot of authentic, functional fire-related equipment included. Replace the tires, and this should be a reliable vehicle in the long-run!

Both vehicles are currently running and drivable, but we recommend using a trailer to take them home. They are parked at our museum and will be on display at the events listed below. Don’t miss the opportunity to view and purchase these unique vehicles! Each vehicle is titled and registered in the name of the museum and is ready to go to the new owner at any time. Please use the button below to contact us with questions or to set up an appointment to view.

Currently asking $30,000 for the pair, or best offer.